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2020 Presenters

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Tahkeya_Head ShotTahkeya Blake

Presentation: Sorry Not Sorry: Stop Apologizing for Your Boundaries.Sometimes we ignore our own capacity when we are invested in the outcomes of our teams or company. However, being able to recognize our limits can allow us to be the most productive. In this interactive session, we will uncover some effective ways of setting boundaries to maintain a balance that works for you. As a group, we will discuss methods in which you can begin caring for yourself both inside and outside of the office without being apologetic!

Presenter profile: After beginning her career in undergraduate admissions at Nichols College and completing her MBA, Tahkeya discovered a passion for social justice and creating an inclusive environment that focuses on underrepresented populations’ barriers and access gaps. She soon developed the Office of Diversity & Inclusion at the institution, the first of its kind, and has since stuck to a career in higher education. She continues in the advocacy for education justice in her current role as Associate Director of Multicultural Outreach & Recruitment at Fitchburg State University.


KateLogan_472x472Kate Logan

Presentation: Self-Compassion & Self-Care: A Key to Success. Studies show that people who regularly engage in self-compassion and self-care practices show higher success and satisfaction both personally and professionally. The goal of this presentation is to better understand self-compassion, and how to use self-compassion as a fundamental way of conceptualizing yourself, failures, and stressors. We will discuss various ways to implement self-compassion practices into daily life. Additionally, we will discuss the art of self-care, and how self-care translates to higher resilience and increased ability to cope with adversity both personally and professionally.

Presenter profile: Kate Logan, the director of counseling services at Nichols College, is a licensed clinical social worker. She has spent the last 10 years dedicated to treating individuals and families with mental health issues, trauma, and substance abuse. She has worked as a psychotherapist treating clients in various settings including but not limited to outpatient clinics, inpatient psychiatric forensic hospital, emergency services, court services, addiction recovery, and higher education. Kate obtained her BA in psychology from Nichols College and MSW (master’s clinical social work) from Boston University.

Luanne Westerling smallLuanne Westerling

Personality & the Workplace: Understanding your EQ The research is clear and consistent: business leaders who are emotionally intelligent are more successful. Their high self-awareness, ability to express emotions appropriately, and ease with adjusting their communication style make them more trusted, collaborative, and effective. In this interactive workshop, you will get a glimpse into how understanding your personality type can improve your relationships at work, and lead to a more successful, productive, and fulfilling career.

Presenter profile:  Luanne Westerling is the Associate Dean for Business at Nichols College, and the Co-Director of the College’s Emerging Leaders Program. She has taught leadership and communication courses to students and professionals for over 20 years. Prior to beginning her teaching career, she worked in the training & development field delivering communication-based training to employees at all levels of the organizational hierarchy. She is MBTI certified by Myers-Briggs and holds an MBA from Assumption University.

ChristineTieri_04Christine Tieri

Presentation: Dream Big: Goal Setting for 2021Today, more than ever we are all looking for a great start to the new year. Ask yourself, what are you hoping to achieve personally and professionally in 2021? As a leader, how do you hope to influence and make an impact on others? Goals have the power to activate and energize. They serve as guideposts for decision making, and keep you on track and on task. Come along as we capture our dreams, recognize our strengths, organize our thoughts, and build a plan with purpose. And remember, when pursuing your goals, it’s really the journey that counts.

Presenter profile: A business and personal brand strategist and a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Chris applies years of brand-building experience to helping leaders build their own personal brand – their Superhero. In her previous life, Chris owned Idea Agency, a brand and marketing firm, for 24 years, and prior to that, worked in the New York City advertising on global brands. Currently, Chris consults, coaches and speaks about business and personal brand development and is a member of the National Speakers Association.

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