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Institute for Women's Leadership at Nichols CollegeThe Empowering Women in Business Conference is hosted by the Institute for Women’s Leadership at Nichols College.  It is designed to provide the support, motivation and resources needed for businesswomen to be successful and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

This conference will provide women with the dynamic opportunity to advance their career, grow their business, or help map their future by pursuing professional development within a welcoming environment of career-focused women leaders.  Women can expect to gain a newfound inspiration, a sense of achievement and an increased business network within the local community.

Conference Objectives:

The Empowering Women in Business Conference focuses on offering a diverse collection of sessions and networking opportunities designed by business leaders, educators, and Nichols students to provide attendees the opportunity for enhanced business skills and individual growth.

  1. The community audience will consist of businesswomen from the local area and Nichols College Day students, Graduate & Professional Studies students, alumni, faculty, and staff.
  2. The conference will provide a dynamic learning opportunity.
  3. Attendees will be encouraged and offered the opportunity to network within the community.
  4. The conference will be offered at a reasonable cost to encourage a continuous learning environment.
  5. The conference will offer a venue for committee members and the Nichols community to mentor students who volunteer and participate with the conference.

2020 Conference Committee Members


Jean Beaupre ~ EWIB Communication Subcommittee Chair
Associate Professor of Communication & Marketing, and Faculty Advisor of the Institute for Women’s Leadership at Nichols College

Kathryn Budney ~ EWIB Presenters Subcommittee
Financial Analyst at Nichols College

Bridget Canavan ’21 ~ EWIB Conference Intern
International Business Major at Nichols College

Rachel Ferreira ~ EWIB Chair & Presenters Subcommittee Chair
Director of the Institute for Women’s Leadership and Assistant Director of Enrollment at Nichols College

Rae Lynn Glispin ~ EWIB Sponsorship Subcommittee Chair
Assistant Director of the Nichols Fund, Office of Advancement at Nichols College

Brijin Kastberg ~ EWIB Presenters Subcommittee Marketing and Administrative Coordinator, CPDC at Nichols College

Katherine Langlois ~ EWIB Logistics Subcommittee Co-chair Assistant to the Vice President/CFO at Nichols College

Lynn Looby ~ EWIB Logistics Subcommittee Co-chair
Assistant to the President of Nichols College

Kristina Murphy ‘21 ~ EWIB Conference Intern
Marketing Major at Nichols College


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