We are pleased to announce our 2019 Presenters:


avatar-1577909_960_720Kate Beeders
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Presentation: Change Your Brain and Change Your Life
In this experiential training, you’ll learn how to use powerful principles of neuroscience to help you turn on the empathy and compassion circuits in your brain, communicate better, and listen more deeply. Kate will also share with you the latest neuroscientific findings about harnessing the power of our own memories in everyday interactions.

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avatar-1577909_960_720Darlene Corbett
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Presentation: Get Unstuck – Vanquish the Impostor Syndrome and Soar
The Impostor Syndrome is now recognized as a common theme among many professionals, especially women. This prevalent issue is often the reason people feel inadequate and, consequently, “stuck.” How does one develop this syndrome? How does one overcome this unhealthy view of oneself? Most important, is it possible to vanquish it once and for all?

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avatar-1577909_960_720Anna Howard
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Presentation: Women in Management — Glass Ceiling or Maze?
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avatar-1577909_960_720Michelle Miller
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Presentation: Collaboration, Not Perfection!
Women are taught that to be successful, you must be perfectly independent, perfectly organized, perfectly on top of things, and… well, just plain perfect.    As a result, we burn countless hours striving for an impossible standard, to the detriment of our personal and professional lives, not to mention our mental health.  In this workshop, we will discuss the power of collaboration as a tool to meet goals, while maintaining your sanity.  Participants will learn to shift their focus from their weaknesses to their strengths, viewing those areas where they are less strong as opportunities for collaboration.

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Coach Jackie PicJackie Ross

Presentation: Networking for People Who Hate Networking
Do you dread networking events?  Would you rather stay at home and binge-watch TV??  This dynamic, engaging and value-added workshop will bolster your attitude and perspective about networking by adjusting your “networking mindset”.  In addition, it will provide you with practical tips and strategies to maximize your networking tool belt and increase your professional visibility, both in-person and online.

Presenter profileCoach Jackie has worked in the mental health field for the past 25 years, with children and their families dealing with serious and complex emotional and behavioral challenges. Jackie began her career in the human service field, providing direct care and counseling to clients and eventually managed several treatment facilities and programs. Since then, she has 17+ years of experience as a human resource manager focusing on curriculum development, a wide range of training topics, staff development, team-building, strategic planning, and leadership coaching and mentoring focused on professional growth and development. An experienced facilitator and public speaker, Coach Jackie has a private coaching business working with professionals to develop their leadership skills and/or work through career transition. 


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